A new product is here to come- Goat milk Kabrita cereals!

Dear moms and dads! We are glad to introduce a new product – the unique goat milk cereals combine Kabrita goat milk formula with carefully selected fruits. The result is a range of delicious goat milk cereals that are very tasty and nutritious for your baby and toddler. 

Baby Kabrita® cereals incorporates all the benefits of goat milk, the energy of popular cereals and modern ingredients for harmonious development and growth of your baby: necessary vitamins and minerals, a special set DigestX fats that contribute to a comfortable digestion, and prebiotics FOS for reliable protection of immunity.

No additional flavors and sugar – only natural ingredients and selected fruits, which gives the Kabrita® cereals a delicate sweet taste.

At the moment there are 4 types of cereals for the perfect first and subsequent feeding – buckwheat, rice, buckwheat with Apple and apricot, as well as Multigrain with a banana.

Kabrita goat milk cereals combine Kabrita goat milk formula- is the better choice to make!

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