The brand Lactoflorene®

The Italian brand Lactoflorene® - a complex of probiotics for the whole family developed by Montefarmaco OTC company is available now on the Ukrainian market

Lactoflorene® CHOLESTEROLO

A complex formula to maintain a normal cholesterol level and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases

Lactoflorene® PANCIA PIATTA

A complex of beneficial probiotic cultures enriched with digestive enzymes and plant extracts

Helps to eliminate the causes of flatulence and avoid bloating caused by digestive problems due to the use of complex carbohydrates and dairy products, to remove violation of the intestinal balance of microflora or stress1,2

Lactoflorene® PLUS

A modern complex of beneficial probiotic cultures and prebiotics enriched with the vitamins B group and zinc

Lactoflorene® MINI GOCCE Drops for babies

A modern synbiotic for newborns and children under 3 years

Lactoflorene® Integra

A modern synbiotic for children from three years

Chewable tablets in the form of a bear cub have a sweetish taste, baby will take them with pleasure

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