Meet Billy!

Brand Kabrita® is excited to introduce you a new brand symbol –Billy goat, who settled on the new packages of infant formula Kabrita® GOLD based on natural goat's milk.

Starting in June 2016, on the shelves of Russia and Ukraine you can see the familiar banks of the mixture in the updated design. The changes affected only a cartoon character depicted on the front side of the tin. In place of cute goats with toys was placed a charming Billy goat – a symbol of the brand, already familiar to moms and dads, who had to try our Kabrita cereals. Modern and easily recognizable image Billy meets color scheme, and age group mixes Kabrita® GOLD.

The production of Kabrita® GOLD formula tins with the new character on them started in April of 2016. The first shipment– the Kabrita ® GOLD 2 volume 800 - went on sale in Russia and Ukraine in June 2016.  At the moment in retail and online stores, you can find the package in three design options. Please note that the compositions of all formulas, texts, packaging labels, bar codes and logistics data remained unchanged.