Polina Dibrova shares her personal Secret of women happiness

Kabrita® has long been loved by kids and their parents and even managed to get famous fans, including the charming Polina Dibrova – the wife of the famous TV presenter, columnist of the magazine Rodi.ru, the business woman and mother of three wonderful boys.

We went to visit Polina and her family in the hope to reveal the secrets of family happiness. How to raise a real man? How to deal with the three younger boys? How to find the balance between the roles of mother, wife and successful woman and be truly happy? The answers to these and other questions you can find on our website in a full interview.

Full interview:

With the appearance of a baby life in one’s family changes rapidly. Young women are surprised to discover that their lives and priorities are changing dramatically and not everyone can adapt to new roles – wife, mother, successful business woman. How to find a balance and be truly happy?

In search of clues on the secrets of happiness, Kabrita® team went to visit the charming Polina Dibrova – wife of the famous TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov, the columnist of the magazine Rodi.ru, business woman and the mother of three wonderful boys. Polina, it is no secret that every girl from early childhood dreams of a great love and happy family life. Tell us about yourself: Did you have dreams of the big family full of kids?

- Of course, I did. But I could not imagine that happening to me. To 15 years I grew up with one sister appeared when I was a teenager, and I was mostly occupied walking with friends and their own interests. I met the man of my dreams, my husband, and soon gave birth to our first son, Alexander. Soon I realized that he doesn't have to be the only child in a family. That’s why we decided to have more children. Now we have a big family, I am very happy because of this fact. I want our sons to be close to each other and to become good men, who my husband and I can rely on. I think the fact that they have got each other is the best gift life could give.

-But being a mom of three boys is really hard. How can you, such a young fragile woman, cope with such a big deal?

- Of course, raising boys is hard. In addition, there is a clear distribution of responsibilities and roles. My husband works a lot, when he deals with children, he mostly develops their creativity and the level of education. He is the role model for them with the straight life values. As for the everyday duties, all of them fall on my shoulders, and I think this approach is normal approach. Now he pays more attention to our older son Alexander. On Sasha's sixth birthday they put a concert together – dad played the guitar, and Sasha performed songs by The Beatles. Alex conversations with his dad are really mature and serious.

It is not easy, but I try not to think about the difficulties and solve problems as they come and just enjoy the magical process of raising children. Only when my strength is over or I have serious disciplinary issues requiring authoritative intervention of my husband, I can ask for his advance and help.

-Continuing the theme of the children up-bringing – What principles are fundamental?

- Of course, you have to hold certain values and establish qualities from the moment your child could understand your words. Fundamentals are generosity, kindness and ability to empathize and to help people. Children are great observers; they copy adult’s models of conduct. Parents should become the better examples for their children.

-What were your arguments when you made a choice on baby’s food?

- I consulted our pediatrician, read a lot of resources, studied baby formulas of different trademarks, and analyzed the advice of my friends. But my child's reaction was the decisive factor in making the final decision. I never chase to buy the most popular brands. The main thing for baby formula is to suit the baby. Of course, the product should be enriched with all necessary vitamins and elements, without any harmful additives.

We tried Kabrita with my small boy and was pleasantly surprised with the result and the wonderful taste of the Kabrita-2 follow-on milk! Son felt satisfied and comfortable.

I truly believe that we are what we eat. Therefore, it is important to give children natural and healthy products. Unfortunately, in our time, the widespread use of different chemicals, pesticides make it harder. But to help parents come producers of baby food that use only proven and safe products for its preparation, as Kabrita does.

-And finally...What is for you - the formula of women happiness ?

- To give birth! And try to make your life happy. Women's happiness depends on many factors – from the circumstances of life, family relations. But if you’re happy and satisfied with life, this feeling will be certainly passed to your children and to all people who surrounds you.