On the 14-17th of May we participated in Novosibirsk Siberian Beauty Week

Seminar in Minsk. GELADRINK

Fizcult sports nutrition store hosted a seminar by Artem Lukashenko on the 19th of May. It was supported by GELADRINK® and dedicated to the topic "Individual athlete nutrition plan".

Artem Lukashenko is an Ambassador of GELADRINK brand, absolute and multiple champion of Belarus in bodybuilding and certified coach.

During the seminar, Artem told students about the importance of the usage of chondroprotectors and about necessity of collagen for cartilage.

Brand GELADRINK® was the main partner of the seminar and organized for the guest’s degustation chondroprotector GELADRINK® Plus and contest.

Seminar in Minsk. GELADRINK