Gentle nutrition based on goat milk. Trade mark Kabrita® was born in Netherlands, and today Kabrita® products are successfully sold in 33 countries around the world.

Kabrita® is a special combination of carefully selected raw materials and modern functional ingredients, providing harmonious growth, development and protection of the child from birth. The range is represented by infant formulas and products for the first and follow-on weaning, based on goat's milk.



Medical device Windi® is a modern gas and colic relief for newborns (rectal catheter). It helps to relieve your baby’s discomfort in an easy and natural manner.

Windi® was developed and patented by Astra Tech AB, subsidiary of international pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

The distinctive feature of Windi® is the unique design, providing maximum comfort and safety of use.



Baby nasal aspirator of multiple uses, developed together with ENT specialists and pediatricians, was created for easy and safe retrieve of the mucus from the baby's nostrils.

Developed, patented and manufactured in Sweden.



Montefarmaco presents innovative and high quality products produced in Italy following the EU standards and well-known in the international market.

Montefarmaco originated with an intuition by the pharmacist Dr. Giovanni Colombo who was attentive to people’s health. It all began with his small laboratory that led to the origin of the global and unique trade mark. Nowadays Montefarmaco has the firm position in the pharmacy’s market.



HEVEA® - are stylish, modern pacifiers, accessories and bath toys, made of 100% natural rubber - environmentally friendly material free of dyes, BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Brand HEVEA® belongs to the Danish company «HEVEA by Hoffihearts» Aps. Hevea® products have been repeatedly awarded such prestigious awards as: Oko test: Sehr Gut, Mother & Baby magazine, LBP, Vores Børn etc.



Products Geladrink® are high-quality dietary supplements for your joint, vessel and all the musculoskeletal system care. The latest developments of the world rheumatology are used for Geladrink® production: a combination of the most effective components – collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin as well as minerals and vitamins that are responsible for metabolism, all this distinguishes our products.

Products Geladrink® are made in the Czech Republic by the company “ORLING” which belongs to the leading worldwide developers and producers of collagenic arthroсhondronutraceutical for prevention and treatment of human and animal musculoskeletal system diseases.

Geladrink® has the long-term successful past application: these products are delivered to more than 12 European countries, to Russia, and now they will appear in the territory of all CIS countries.

The complex prevention of musculoskeletal system diseases and multidimensional improvement of your health is the basis of our unique products Geladrink®.